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We allow entrepreneurs to transfer their risks and costs, associated with the creation of jobs
to outside company, and quickly obtain reliable employees whether on the basis of "body leasing"
or recruiting them directly to you.

„“If there is something we can’t do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competition,
there is no sense in doing it and we should employ someone to do the better work for us”.


Appointment of IT CONNECT to do recruitment process is a good and reliable solution which fits to the Henry Ford` idea which is written above. IT CONNECT is engaged in the publication of advertisements, pre-selection and verification
of Candidates` resumes. It's on our side to perform specific tests to check the knowledge of the desired technology and price negotiations with the candidates.



Employer, who does not have to publish job offers, to carry out the verification of CVs,
or strenuous interviews, can save a lot of time and money.

IT CONNECT settles on base of "success fee", so our Client does not incur any
charges in the event, if he doesn’t take our candidate.

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The stability of the company

Since its establishment, IT CONNECT has had steady increase in sales and revenues

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Size of the database of candidates

More than 4.5 thousands of potential employees, more than 750 recruitment last year

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Substantive recruitment

Our special tests allow to verify the technical skills of candidate



IT CONNECT uses one of the lowest margins in the market - 10%




Outsourcing is a modern solution, giving you the ability to quick respond to changes in demand for IT professionals.


This service is based on transferring of workers employed by IT CONNECT to the Customer’s office for a certain period of time. Subcontractor remains   the employee of  IT CONNECT company, regardless of where he/she is now providing services.


We offer two variants of the solution - Standard and Plus option.



Standard option

  • is to provide consultants that meet certain competence to work in the Client’s environment and at  Client’s equipment.


Plus option

  • is to provide consultants with the equipment and  software prepared for him. This ensures that provided employees are always ready to do the job specified by the Client.



  • is often used in the case of jobs limits  in the Customer’s company, leaves of  regular employees or execution of single  projects.

Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business, while improving results of the company’s balance sheet – it does not increase the fixed costs of operations, and  you can settle an invoice received  from us as the cost of the project.



IT training

Intense competition and turbulent business environment forces the continuous
improvement of quality, efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.


IT training courses organized by us, help to improve the productivity of your business by
improvement of staff in the field of new technologies and techniques.

IT CONNECT arranges the following  training courses:

  • IT infrastructure management
  • Computer skills
  • Software Development
  • Database Programming
  • Project Management



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