IT CONNECT is a Polish outsourcing and recruitment company. For almost two decades, we have been connecting individuals looking for jobs in the IT and related industries with companies searching for new talents. We started with SQL analysts, but in our portfolio, we have successful recruitments and excellent collaboration with a wide range of specialists, from IT directors and program and project managers to system architects and designers, developers/programmers of various specialties, system and business analysts, manual and automated testers, administrators, documentarians, and assistants. In addition to clients from our native IT sector, we've had the pleasure of working with entities in the telecommunications, insurance, banking, construction, aviation, manufacturing, mining, logistics, cosmetic, and other industries. Satisfied clients often sought our assistance even when looking for individuals outside the IT world. There, too, we aimed to convey our mission and vision while following the motto that places people and their professional needs at the center.


We believe that everything we do is not limited by rigid procedures. We strive to show that we can go beyond the norms while maintaining professionalism. Our approach to services focuses on individuals, their needs, and the creation of a friendly atmosphere. We successfully conduct recruitment and outsourcing processes based on a partnership relationship with our Candidates, Consultants, and Clients.


Our goal is to mutually align the desires, ambitions, and expectations of both Consultants and the recipients of their services. We want every individual to feel comfortable and to be able to learn and grow in their work environment, while the companies for which these services are provided have confidence that they are of good quality, at a fair and transparent price, and delivered by a knowledgeable and motivated team of people. Our aim is for all parties to feel that they are pursuing common and valuable goals with mutual respect and an understanding of needs.


In our IT world, PEOPLE are the most important.

Throughout all our years of operation, we have consistently adhered to the slogan PEOPLE IN IT. We demonstrate that even in such a technical field as IT, we prioritize people, good relationships, and the creation of an atmosphere of friendship and respect. Our entire team, while caring about satisfaction and the comfort of collaboration, continually strives to create a friendly environment that unites Candidates, Consultants, and Clients. IT CONNECT & PEOPLE IN IT is the vision of our business focused on people, not as "human resources," but as individuals co-creating the IT CONNECT brand.


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For 20 years, we have been building our vision of the job market based on mutual respect.

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We have collaborated with over 50 companies and more than a thousand Consultants.

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For years, a highly specialized team of fantastic specialists has been responsible for executing our mission and vision.

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